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it's my journal i'll bitch if i want to

if you are just reading to be nosey, hope you had fun

~back to the basics...
A Vision:
by: Julia

I have a vision of a brilliant sunrise,
the soft rays reflecting like mirrors on your passion filled eyes
long streams of light cascading over you, lightly kissing your tender flesh
leaving tiny, momentary crystals, dancing across your delicate skin
I just lay there drinking in your magnetic energy
I have a vision of the sound of your heart beating a gentle soothing hum,
A romantic rythem leading me to a place where time stands still
and all I ever have to do is close my eyes and you're right there, reminding me how much you care
I have a vision of your lips soft and sweet pressing closer, just close enough to meet
Enhaling long slow and deep, absorbing the essence of each thunderous heartbeat
I have a vision of forever in your arms, being your lover and giving into your entoxicating charms......

The Magic that we make:
by: Julia
I've basked in the beauty of the sunshine
I've wept in the pouring rain
I've known the ecstasy of passion
I've endured the tragedy of pain
But nothing compares to
the magic that we make
I can feel your hands touch my face
I can see the love in your eyes
and it's only a matter of time
until I fall pray to the power of your embrace
no matter what we do
nothing compares
to the magic that we make