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it's Monday.... what happened to the weekend? [22 Nov 2004|08:32am]
[ mood | crazy ]

well it's monday, im off to face the demons that caused 60% of the pains i had on Friday... i spent the weekend working on the other 40%... i think maybe the personal portion of things can be helped... not sure the business portion will ever get better... they dont realize they have a huge work load, but then they go home and Ms FCS has cooked dinner, has made sure the kids did their homework, made sure they had their baths, they make sure that the bills got paid, that their boys are off to practice and their girls are dressed in their dance attire... all they have to do is show up for a performance now and then... *sighs* to be a male from India and know what it's like to have everyone do your grunt work...

i know our visits to the parties on Sat were all short and sweet but we really have issues we must deal with. I'm sorry to those that we missed your parties both Sat and Sunday i hope somehow, someday you'll understand....

i must fix what's broken inside or else i'll never be able to help others......

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quick update [18 Nov 2004|08:05am]
im uber late for work and i need to actually work today so i wont be on messanger.
I will be checking email through out the day, if you need me send me an email.
if you see me on AIM today, ignore me I really have tons of work to do. I dont have time to chat and shoot the shit!

didn't talk to principal yesterday but will try and find time today.

still in need of a frilly dress (cinderella type thing)
we have the interview suit (kick ass lime green, looks amazing)- his ex wife might be shit, but her mom is "da shit" she rocks, i love her!
we have the casual wear, well we have one option but she's very open to more
we have someone to help with hair and makeup

she's going to daddy's this weekend - he's aware we need rental car money and we need money for the clings for the car and we need money for her entry fee....we'll see just what he gives up.
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Found a temp fix to the problem.... lemme know what you think [17 Nov 2004|10:52am]
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need a free place to upload pictures [17 Nov 2004|10:34am]
I hate geocities - it never allows my photos to stay up long... can someone recommend a free service that will allow me to show pictures online? I dont need a website i dont need a ton of band width and i want to upload about 35 pictures that's all....

help please
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update on life [17 Nov 2004|08:22am]
chance loves his new job, better money, better benefits (can you believe better than Viacom benefits?), better hours yep even better hours, AND 11 minutes from home... the drive alone is worth the change! I'm happy for him... but he's just been notified about another opportunity that may mean even MORE money and who would love that? yep that would be me!

the boys did pretty good on their progress reports, both dropped some but i remember last progress report although still A's and B's i think they were lower than their actual report card.
ericka... improved tremendously in WH but is still not turning in assignments in English and Math - both of which are very strong subjects for her and which means two teachers kept info from me! Yes, i will be calling the principal today.

the pageant is iffy... we'll see - Patsy is going to stop by this evening with a couple suits for her to look at, and we're going to take her pink fru fru dress from the 4th of July pageant to the cleaners and try and have it cleaned. we're working with some fabo friends to get the makeup and casual wear taken care of and if daddy pays the fee then we're on... otherwise we're looking at a Jan Pageant in hickory....

me... just trying to hold everything together without losing it... seems everytime i think i'll get to go see my daddy something comes up - he's 2 hours away and i just know when he dies i will blame everyone else for not making the sacrafices needed to allow me the chance to see him more often.... when i should have made my own sacrafises i suppose....anywho.. that's that!

off to work.....
oh and a special thanks to akamoondancer for making my work day 100% better!!!!!!! you'll never know how much hassle you save me! Love you doll!
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No pageant on December 4th [16 Nov 2004|03:33pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Due to the fact that Ericka will need an interview suit (approx 100.00) another dress (could be as much as 300.00)a headshot (could cost as much as 100.00)sportswear (approx 100.00) and entry fee (108.00) not to mention shoes, jewlery and makeup/hair. Ericka will not be in the pageant on December 4th. The cost is too much and there just is not enough $$ floating around between now and Christmas.....

she also got a C in english when she had a B before - her teacher readily admitted today to keeping information from me until after the pageant so that Ericka could participate. Im furious!

if the $$ from my accident was not squandered away we might would have been better prepared to put her in this one *sighs*...i should have been more careful with our funds....

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Pictures..... [16 Nov 2004|06:53am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I got two pictures today from Miss Harrisburg's mom... I gotta tell you, seeing the pictures, i Hate her hair too! *sighs*... you live... you learn!


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Ericka's Email Address [15 Nov 2004|01:34pm]
Many of you have said congrats to ericka here on lj, but some of you have asked for contact info so you can tell her yourself.... I created a hotmail account just now for her so that you can do just that....


yeah it's vein, i made it for her and i know she'll never give it to anyone but i can also send her messages on it... perhaps she'll like it who knows.. anywho..if you wanna tell her something... that's how you get to her!

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NEED HELP [15 Nov 2004|11:56am]
Who has an old prom dress, or old pageant dress, or old formal dress of any kind in their closet?
What I'm looking for is something white, pink or light blue. Must be very "cinderella" like. Meaning no straight dress and needs to be somewhere in the size 4 to 7 range.

Also, does anyone have a red velvet dress OR a red velvet cape with the soft white collar like "santa" wears?

This will be cross posted so sorry if you read it more than once.

Email me at lifeshighways@hotmail.com
or call me on my cell if you have that number or you can post here.

I need this dress before November 27th and i need the cape before November 19th.

Thank you,
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The Monday After... [15 Nov 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

whew... so glad that's over - and im sure you guys are too!!!!

other news, i gotta buy two new tires for my van, get my brakes fixed and all while also having to buy another pageant dress, some sports wear and shoes for both, not to mention this is the "christmas purchasing check" (because i dont get any more checks before then.. *sighs*) I hate monthly payroll!

This year these people will be getting gifts:
His mom and dad (something small - perhaps we'll ask boyscout to do a family portrait and we'll buy a nice frame)
His granny - see above
My dad and his wife - see above
My mom - see above
Ericka - most likely pageant dresses, shoes and sports wear not to mention entry fees in said pageants
Nick - video games, goth clothes, shelves for their room, boots and cool shoes
Chris - video games, premi-goth clothes, toys and such

So if you did not show up on this list (and no Nikki - Nick is not short for you *LOL*, and Chris mentioned above is 8 years old and still eats buggers so if that's not you......you're not on this list)then you will get some great big hugs, some huge smooches on your cheek and much much love but there will be no purchased gift with your name on it simply because we're poor! However, in January we'll be doing some kick ass party planning, not sure for what date but we're gonna do a "its not Christmas, Christmas Party" after the first of the year when everything is calmed down... i'll give you more details as it gets closer to the date and as i figure out all the details *LOL*

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Details [14 Nov 2004|05:26pm]
so we got up about 830 yesterday and lazily started the day, daddy went for some wendy's about 1030 while i ironed the veil and she slowly took a nice relaxing bath, i put all the costume together, pinned it where it needed to be pinned and made sure we had it all, skirt, belt, top, veil and dreads.... she had he evening gown and shoes ready and we headed off to Heathers at 1.... she worked on her makeup til 2:30 then started her hair.. I have to tell you if you need a makeup artist Heather is the one to do it, she rocks!!!! Ericka totally hated her hair and that set off the panic attacks... she was near tears but knew one single saleen drop would ruin the beautiful makeup... sooooo she sucked it up and when we arrived 4 or 5 moms pounced on her hair with me and we figured something out that atleast made her feel comfortable enough for her interview. Then she got side tracked and forgot all about how she looked she was having fun and enjoying everything going on around her. She did mess up in the interview pretty bad when they asked her "what quality about yourself would you like to share with others" her reply was "my ability to accept "autisitc" people...... grrr she meant "excentric" or "eclectic".... grrrrrr if ya dont know what big word to use use a smaller word girl! The show started about 715 and she came out, the wave was good, the smile was good, everything was off to a good start. She did well in the evening gown portion but could have been more secure, confident and less stiff and done better. Then... Then came the talent.... SHE ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! She owened the stage like the queen she is!!!! back in the evening gown to wait for the titles....

She raised 758.00 for Doodle house to win the title Hospitality Queen. a beautiful tiara and her sashe and crown pin
She took the talent division with all 9's!!!!
She took 2nd runner up for three reasons, her interview sucked, she was too stiff on the stage in her dress and finally because she could not hold two crowns in this small town contest, even if she had nailed the interview and knocked them on their socks with the evening gown she still could not have won Miss Teen Harrisburg. She would have had to choose and when asked which one she'd choose, she said "Hospitality Queen because i worked and earned the money for Doodle house, I didnt win just because im beautiful" Which from a 14 year old i think that's pretty damn awesome!

We were blessed to be surrounded by fabulous peeps (with the exception of my ex mother in law, the bitch made a scene because she couldnt sit on the front row, she drove a long way to see her grand daughter and she paid just as much money as the rest of the girls grandmothers to see and couldnt understand why they had the first three rows roped off for the reining queens' families... the stupid cunt made such a ruckus about it that they brought Robin out to talk to her and she totally embarrassed herself and me) anywho.... we did have great friends that traveled just as far if not farther than the wicked witch ex in law..... and i must give great thanks to them all!

koolaidkiddd and his beautiful sister and her friend erica
ladyambrosia and her most handsome Hubby and adorable son
Her step dad, her grandparents on his side, and the boys too, she had the biggest cheering squad of them all!

when she danced, there were tons of people screaming for her and cheering her own, she really did do well! She'll excel in this i know!

There were tons of peeps that said they'd come and for many different reasons (all very legitimate and completely understandable) and i knew they were wishing her well, and in their hearts i knew they wanted to be there so that to me, and to ericka was just as good as being there! *hugs to you guys too*

Thank you all for tolorating me through this crazy time.... To Chance, who put up with me snapping and yelling and completely not giving him the chance to be supportive... I love you, and thank you so very much! To Gail, that listened to me whine and moan and groan and bitch and cry and.... just for being my best friend! Thank you so much! - to Pam... lady, you earned that trophy last night you really really did! She would never have made it without all your help!.... to the rest of you... you know your hugs and encouraging words really kept my chin up and kept me from losing my mind....

Oh, for those of you saying "omg, she's a pageant mom".... atleast i was not in the back throwing things and being a total loser, screaming and crying how she was a stupid person for even putting her daughter in the pageant! I was calm... then again, my daughter brought home the most titles/awards! *LOL*

Have a great day all... only one more pageant and we're off for a while!
Love you all!
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Miss Hospitality~Talent~2nd Runner Up [14 Nov 2004|01:59am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Yeah that would be the three titles my baby now carries!
She was so beautiful and she did her dance like she'd done it ten million times before my belly dancing fool! The pageant director would not allow her to take two crowns but did alow her to accept a 2nd runner up award for her division! She was thrilled to have even gotten the awards that she did get!!!

Okay more details tomorrow when i've had sleep!!!!

No time for cuts!
Thank you Marcus, Maggie, Sammie, Pam, Gail, Chris, AJ, Laura, Erica, and the grandparents for showing up to cheer her on! You're all the uber best friends a girl could ask for!!!!

sleep sleep the queens mom needs some sleep......

****note to self, check erickas head for the crown before going to bed... make sure she took it off *LOL*****

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Someone i know is busting her ass.... [12 Nov 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Progress reports come out next week, but i am pretty much on instant status report with a certain 14 year old girls 4 teachers..... they all know she was pending their word on whether or not she was going to be able to participate tomorrow.... here are the reports:

English - B+
Math - B+
PE - A+
and the drum roll please..........

HONORS WORLD HISTORY - C- with the very very good possiblity to bring it to a C+ before reports next week!

*whew looks like everything is a go for tomorrow*
and mommy will breath again on Sunday!

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Ericka [12 Nov 2004|09:23am]
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750.00 - and GREAT GRADES [11 Nov 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Okay so yes I know i wear this into the ground as much as i do the boys and baseball but bear with me through December 4th and they'll be no more pageants until the spring and at that time baseball will rear its ugly head again *LOL*

she's raised 750.00! that's a boat load of 1.00 donations (well seeing as one person donated 400.00 at once its not as much, but its still alot) she has worked hard for this and i hope she gets the crown!

she got an 87 on her WH test earlier this week, a 100 on a math test and she did very well on a test she took today for WH....grades have improved - i cant help but wonder if it is the fun she's having with Kaity getting ready for this thingy or if its the fact that i told her she will not get to wear makeup or do anything special to her hair other than wash and dry it and i'll make her wear goodwill rejects to school until the grades get better that made her improve... i dont care what you think i think its the pageant and the influence of a Queen with a 4.7 gpa guiding her to doing better!

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Famous Quote of the night.... [10 Nov 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

My labido is bi-polar!

*just giggles and heads to bed*

Love you babe! You made me laugh after a very hard day, thank you so much~

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Holy Shit - 400.00 [10 Nov 2004|04:17pm]
my company just donated 400.00 to ericka's fund raiser....
the girl that won last year collected 200.00.
Ericka is over 600 right now working on 1000.00
looks like drinks will be at julias after the pageant cause somebody is getting a crown!
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Liars [10 Nov 2004|11:03am]
I really hate being lied to and/or having things kept from me that effect me for so long that I dont have time to do anything about it because it's already too far out of control.
Nothing hurts me more than someone i love to lie to me, then for them to be angry with me because I dont trust them. OR to expect me to just trust them automatically..... shakes head.... time does not heal wounds if the same accident keeps happening... just so you know!
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Directions ***EDITED***** [09 Nov 2004|04:02pm]
[ mood | moody ]

For the few that are interested here are the details:

Hwy 49 towards Mt Pleasant From the University Area you will pass the following landmarks.

The grand town of Harrisburg
The Armory (on your left just after going through the intersection of Rocky River and 49)
Central Cabarrus High School (on your righ after the armory)
Hwy 601 (overpass)
redneck houses
Cabarrus County Fairground (on your left)
BP (on your right and just at the intersection of Cold Springs Road and HWY 49)
redneck stuff

You will come to a traffic signal, and make a Left Onto WALKER STREET(or ROAD)
The school will be about a mile down on your left. There are signs that say Mt Pleasant High School

The pageant starts at 7 and i really cant imagine it being more than 2 hours from start to finish and really feel it will be more like 1.5 hours..... but i cant be held accountable if its 2.5 hours.....

There are about 10 girls in the three divisions below Ericka's there are 3 in her division(Teen Miss) and 3 in the Young Miss Division and 4 in the Miss Division in total somewhere around 20 girls in all. There will be a "opening number", Evening Gown, Talent and then the presentation of the crowns..... and if she wins.. drinks at my house afterwards!!!!!! As far as I know only her and the girls from the Miss Division will be competing in the Talent section. And the good luck wish sales provides a crown too its called Miss Hospitality and unless they are lieing to ericka noone else is doing that so she's a sure win for that.

Those that have offered to buy "good luck wishes" please let me know how many you want to buy (1.00 each) and I will put the $$ in for you but I'll need you to pay me the night of the pageant, I just need to turn the $$ in Thursday night. For those of you that will be at the Staff Meeting I can get it from you there.

Thanks everyone, I look fwd to seeing you all there!

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So i embarrass her..... or i am myself [09 Nov 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

yeah, now i remember what my mom said about pageants being political.....

so we show up at our first practice, me dressed in black as usual, with my black lined lips of ruby red and my hair black as the ace of spades with just enough color to shine blue under the ultraviolent rays..... pale painted face reaking of a goth wannabe....(so the meme says - hmmphttt im not a wanna be what do those meme's know?)

anywho... in front of me are all these preppy mom's hair all perfectly done, god aweful Mary Kay makeup the room reaking of Avon extrodinaire..... diamond rings on every finger, driving up in Mercedez Benzs and the essance of snobbish snooty bitches.... my daughter is gonna win your daughter is a piece of shit found on the bottom of my daughters 500.00 high heels! I take a deep breath and remember the one trait about me that i am most proud of... judge not of others no matter what their mold of normalcy is.. you are you they are they and we can all be ourselves....i dont judge people for being whom they are, whether it is the blue spiked hair transvestite, the vampire with her fangs in or the khaki wearing polo shirt wearing "white color" male.. i believe we all have the right to be what we wanna be and i love everyone for doing just that.. being yourself

several moms snuffed their noses as i walked up, ignoring me and one mother even moved off the row i was sitting on to be away from me (i took a shower damn it i didnt stink)

after the practice, chatting with ericka in her "i want to win so bad i can taste it 14 year old voice" she said mom, dont be upset with me but i need to ask you a favor...can you just dress normal tomorrow night, and most importantly on Saturday, will you not be so "goth'd out?" can you just be.... well... my mom, not my gothic mom...you're beautiful and i love you, but these people know the judges, these girls have been in tons of pageants, and i want to win, i want their eyes to be on me, not on my "gothy mom".... *can you insert a little heart breaking sound here" not because she asked me to "tone down" but that she was pressured by her peers to do so......So... the one thing i believe in more than anything else is that one must be ones self and not change to fit into someone else's mold of normalcy.... one must be proud of the decision one makes on how they look, dress, act... and if you cant be proud around everyone then you are just a wanna be.... so what do i do? do i go normal me? do i ask my friends to dress "calm" do i pretend for one night for her? and what does that say for me if i do? it says im fake, that im ashamed of who i am.... *sighs*......or does it say I'm a good mother that wants to do everything i can to assure i dont embarrass my child, even if it means faking it for a few hours?

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